Lochandaimh Labradors


Health Tests

Eyes (incl. gonioscopy): Clear September 2012                  Hips: 6:5                                                                          GPRA cord-1: Clear                                                  Fuco:Clear 

Samsir North O'Border

Kim is my newest addition to the Lochandaimh Kennels.  As you can see she is not a labrador but a fantastic little girl all the same.  She is still young and has just started her training but is showing great promise.  She has a beautiful natural hunt and is a keen retriever on land and in water.  Im very excited about this little girl.

Sire: F.T.W Edgegrove Karva

Dam: Altagoan Colleen


1st Puppy - Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club - 11th March 2012  

3rd Puppy - Tay Valley Gundog Association - 28th April 2012                                                          

3rd Puppy - North of Scotland - 27th May 2012     

1st Puppy - Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriver Club - 10th June 2012                                                  

3rd Puppy - Central Scotland Gundog Club - 17th June 2012

3rd Novice - MFSRC Moy Game Fair - 3rd August 2012

1st Novice - North of Scotland - 19th May 2013